• Advisory and Consulting
  • Marketing Outsourcing
  • Marketing Outsourcing
  • Advisory and Consulting

  • Marketing Outsourcing

  • Marketing Outsourcing


We use our potential to help our Clients distinguish themselves on the market, retain current and acquire new clients, and increase profit.

Our Clients entrust us with simple tasks, regarding ongoing advisory, and also expect us to create and implement comprehensive projects.

All of our ideas and actions are dependent on both the nature of a particular business and business goals of an individual Client. Thanks to our knowledge of economic realities, attention to Client’s needs and expectations, creation and implementation of activities which are to satisfy the Client’s needs, we are able to build and enhance an image desired by any company, in a manner, which permanently distinguishes our client from the competition.


We carried out projects including:

  • ongoing complex support in marketing, PR and sales of services, and key customer service
  • branding projects - from brand concept through researches, brand strategy, brand design to marketing and communication strategy implementation
  • advising on business development, shaping the offer and sales promotion
  • brand strategies, communication strategies and key relations management 
  • coaching and management trainings regarding business development and marketing, addressed to executive management
  • internal audits regarding marketing, structure and processes, company and people management
  • human resources: grading, motivation and remuneration system, career planning
  • company’s events, trainings and international conferences (both in Poland and abroad)
  • advisory, ideas and implementation of knowledge management systems
  • market and competition analysis
  • substantive publications, information and promotion publications
  • workshops and trainings regarding strategy building and implementation, marketing, relations management, personnel management, knowledge management and sales of services.


We have been providing projects for such BRANDS as:

AB Service  |  ANDA Realty Capital  |  AXELO Prawo i Podatki  |  AXELO Business Services  |  BESI - Banco Espírito Santo de Investimento  |  BF Agencja  |  BIG STAR Limited  |  Business Power  |  CAG   |  CH M1 Łódź  |  CH Magnolia Wrocław  |  Consortio Lex   |  Consulting Plus Hospitality  |  Dębogóra Ranch  |  Dostępny Prawnik   |   EY (dawniej: Ernst&Young)   |  FAIRLEGAL  |  Future Centre Training Corporation   |  Gregorowicz-Ziemba Krakowiak Gąsiorowski  |  Grzywaczewski Napiórkowska i Partnerzy  |  Grzywaczewski Kancelaria Prawna  |  GWW Ladziński, Cmoch i Wspólnicy  |  Haitong Bank  |  Horwath HTL  |  Hotel Solutions Partner  |  ITAdp Independent Tax Advisers Doradztwo Podatkowe  |  Izba Gospodarcza Hotelarstwa Polskiego  |  Jatczak i Wspólnicy  |  KS Steel Logistics  |  Largo  |  Layer-Janiga Kancelaria Prawno-Podatkowa  |  Legal Link Layer-Janiga  |  Marriott International  |  Menard Doswell Polska  |  M.Furtek i Wspólnicy kancelaria prawnicza  |  Mikada - BIMplan  |  My Company Polska/Tarsago Media Group | Novelty Consulting | Polskie Wydawnictwa Specjalistyczne ProMedia  | QuLegal Marcin Kuliński | Radniecka Sawicka Kancelaria Radców Prawnych | Sawyer Doradztwo Gospodarcze |  Show System  |  Starostwo Powiatowe w Legionowie  |  Stopczyk & Mikulski  |  Ślązak Zapiór i Wspólnicy  |  Tatara i Wspólnicy  |  TAXBY doradztwo podatkowe   |  TimeFrame Software  |  TPA (dawniej: TPA Horwath)  |  Trust S.A.  |  Urowska i Wspólnicy  |  USP Zdrowie  |  Wierciński Kwieciński Baehr  |  Urząd Miasta Legionowo  |  Valores | Ziemski & Partners


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