• Advisory and Consulting
  • Marketing Outsourcing
  • Marketing Outsourcing
  • Advisory and Consulting

  • Marketing Outsourcing

  • Marketing Outsourcing


We support our Clients in building a strong image of their company, basing on brand, specialization, products and experts. We guarantee that the right message is delivered to the right target at the right time.

We provide advisory and outsourcing services adjusted to particular situation and goals. Our offer includes:



Corporate PR

  • Audit of communication and corporate / brand image
  • Determining the marketing communication direction and goals
  • Creation, implementation and evaluation of integrated marketing communication strategies
  • Creation and implementation of relationships building strategies focused on target groups
  • Crisis management
  • Brand image consultancy
  • Media training

Product PR

  • Design and implementation of brand or products portfolio communication strategies
  • Building a brand, product or service image
  • Leading a short and long-term product campaigns
  • Providing a new product launch campaigns
  • Organising promotion and brand building events

Internal PR

  • Audit and diagnosis of internal communication and organizational perception
  • Developing a communication strategy focused on current and potential employees, and preparation of information management procedures
  • Creating and implementation of internal communication tools
  • Building the employer's image in media and through special events
  • Creation of messages and developing of information materials for present and potential employees

Media Relations

  • Media strategy developing and building company's image through media
  • Organization of press meetings and running the press office,
  • Editing and distribution of press materials
  • Maintaining positive relationships with journalists
  • Thought-Leadership Positioning
  • Ongoing press monitoring and analysis

Social Media & e-PR

  • Analysis and image advisory relating to the company's web presence
  • Development of social media communication strategies
  • Maintaining relationships with web journalists and industry portals
  • Content creation tailored to the audience needs
  • Management of company's profiles on social networks, social media content monitoring
  • Website and intranet content development and management
  • Implementation of newsletters, blogs and dedicated portals


  • Event's scenario development and a comprehensive implementation (open doors, exhibitions, conferences, consumer events)
  • Media support - event's publicity
  • Sponsors and event partners acquisition
  • Events photo and motion storytelling

Content Marketing

  • Website, social networks profiles and promotional materials content analysis
  • Websites, portals and social media content creation
  • Preparation of promotional materials content
  • Development of sponsored articles and publications
  • Preparation of editorial content of publications, reports, analysis


  • CSR activities audit
  • CSR strategy and educational programs preparation
  • Relationships building with communities and business partners
  • Implementation of CSR programs


What you need is a good story — it’s the key to making your brand a living, breathing thing. Investors, employees, and consumers will rally around a story, and the best business leaders understand that storytelling has the power to change minds and spark action. / Erin Berman, Storyteller, Brand Strategist, Creative Director


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