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Are you looking for a fresh perspective and a creative approach? Do you need a marketing strategy? Do you need to engage professional support for conducting regular marketing activities? Do you want to organize marketing activities and effectively implement your plans? Do you want to attract and keep new customers and build a strong relationships with them? 

We provide interim marketing management services, that is, supervision over marketing activities and management of marketing team from strategy to settlement. We plan, conduct activities and take full responsibility for all marketing actions. We support with a new ideas, a fresh approach and years of experience. We set the range of individually selected activities and implement them effectively.

  • We will provide a marketing audit and evaluate the effectiveness of existing processes
  • We will optimize existing guidelines and activities
  • We will provide the integration of marketing activities with other business processes
  • We will help you set goals and develop a strategy, prepare an action plans and budget
  • We will implement an effective marketing planning
  • We will carry out overall or partial realization of the marketing plan and will settle the effects.

We offer also marketing outsourcing services, which includes wide range of activities – scope, lead time and intensity are established according to marketing and business goals of a Client and are also determined by the budget the Client has at their disposal. 


What are your benefits of outsourcing  marketing functions?

KNOWLEDGE expertise

You will benefit from the practical skills of experienced experts who constantly expand their knowledge by observing the latest marketing trends and providing a variety of marketing projects for companies in various industries, as well as exchanging an experiences and contacts among the members of the Pure Concept project team.

INNOVATION and efficiency

As marketing experts, we regularly monitor the market and we are looking for the effective solutions which afterwards are used in our current work and projects. We guarantee a good planning and implementation of the most effective marketing efforts. Thanks to that you will save time and improve the efficiency of your marketing budget

LOWER COSTS and budget efficiency

With access to cost-effective solutions and providing only effective, well-targeted marketing activities you achieve the planned targets at lower development costs and also lower marketing budget. And all this with the highest quality marketing creation.

FLEXIBILITY of employment

We work remotely, as well as we implement projects working in your company headquarter. The outsourcing of marketing functions let you achieve lower labor costs and this kind of employment flexibility will allow you to hire specialists only in the period in which you will need their support most.



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