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We help you effectively build brand value.

A brand is more than just a name. In fact it’s more than just a logo. A brand is an experience, an emotion and a relation. A brand is one of the most significant part of business capital in every organization that aspires to achieve success, therefore, it needs to be well-planned and its development needs to be constantly taken care of.

Pure Concept supports boards of directors, as well as, marketing and PR departments in making brand strategic decisions. We help you to understand all aspects of a brand and then devising a strategy as well as implement a plan in order to build brand equity. We build a team with our Clients and involve all its members into the creation and implementation process, because we do believe the success depends on all of us.

Brand management

We steer a brand in the right direction. We build brand strategy, implement it, and help in consistent management of its power.

We offer both brand strategic advisory and current marketing and PR support, adapted to specific expectations or needs in the field of:

  • Brand strategy and marketing consulting - from competitive environment research, by creating tailored brand strategy and planning sales support activities to the implementation of the assumptions
  • Relations management - we help you understand customer needs and preferences, so that you could provide them with tailored services or products
  • Marketing communications - we create a story based on service, product, company or person to reach and we provide relevant communication to a carefully selected audience at the right time
  • Visual identity - we build and implement brand visual structure combined with its verbal messaging and brand core values 
  • Employer branding and human resouces management support.

In addition, Pure Concept constantly develops its competences in hotel marketing consulting.

 Business development

We also provide projects in the field of business development - we combine our expertise with the competence and experiences of our Partners.

Check the fields of our expertise:


What we do, is our passion, therefore, we are always fully committed to our work.


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